Hair Transformations by Uberliss

I was able to make a major hair transformation with the help of Uberliss products. They helped me go from jet black to platinum blonde in one day! I know it sounds crazy but my hair is still intact and in good condition. Their products help rebuild strands during the coloring process. Check out my vlog to see how it was done!

I absolutely love Uberliss’ Bond Sustainers, they have tons of fun colors that you can use to switch up your looks. The Bond Sustainer original formula can be used on ALL hair types that need extra conditioning and strengthening. Colors can be used as a semi-permanent color with vibrant results that last up to 8 washes. Or use it once a week for 10 minutes or more to preserve your radiant color and keep it going until you want to fade it out or switch it out! Here are some of my looks over the years and colors used. Links included (photos are clickable).

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