WHOA! My Summer Music Festival Bucket List!

Photo credit: DonIdioVisuals.com

Photo credit: DonIdioVisuals.com

Festival season is finally here! If all the amazing performances that took place last week at Coachella didn't get you hype, then I don't know what will.  If you were like me and didn't get a chance to live your best life at Idio, CA, don't fret! There are still tons of other festivals to attend over the Summer months.  Below is a list of festivals I will be attending this summer and why.  Hopefully, I'll see you there ;)

Electric Daisy Carnival aka EDC - (Las Vegas May 18-20)

The first festival I ever attended was EDC 2012! Honestly, I wouldn't suggest going to EDC for your first ever festival...because it can be a bit overwhelming for a newbie. I mean it is one of the largest & top EDM festivals to attend. Mainly because the production is so well done. It's like an adult playground where the top DJ's unite everyone under an electric sky. It was the event that jump started my whole love for festivals. It was where I was first introduced to artists like Avicii (Seek Bromance was my jam!!), Hardwell, Bingo Players, and more.  I can't wait to see how much has changed from 2012!

This will be the first year, they will allow camping.  I'll be sleeping under the stars with a group of my friends in air conditioned Shiftpods. I think some are still available for rent! Are you brave enough to join me?

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Elements Lakewood Music Festival - (Lakewood, PA May 25-27)

Elements Lakewood is a camping version of their amazing Elements NYC festival (I'll tell you more about that one a little later/below). This event is like summer camp for adults. I'm stoked to be attending... I'm most excited to see Rezz and Troyboi for the first time. 

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Bonnaroo (Manchester, TN - June 7-10)

Bonnaroo has been around for many years, 16 to be exact! It's long standing existence just proves it should be on your bucket list.  It's been described as "Simply Magic".  The line-up is always fire 🔥 and some of the artists even randomly perform together! I'm most excited to take part in the many activities that are included in the event, such as Karaoke with T-Pain and special pop-up parties.  I've been told the vibe is amazing for how large the festival is. I'm excited to jam out!

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Electric Forest (Rothbury, MI - June 28-July 1)

This will be my first time going to the Forest. I've heard amazing things about this event from the line-up to the art to the amazing community vibes.  When I asked a friend on his thoughts on Electric Forest, he said "It's like Christmas and Disneyland for adults! I would pay $150 just to go into the forest and play alone!" 

Me and some friends are glamping in a VIP cabin, we have 2 spots available if anyone is interested in joining us! Message me if interested.

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Lollapalooza (Chicago, IL- Aug. 2-5)

Of course, I have to attend the infamous Lollapalooza.  Lolla is historic, just like Bonnaroo but instead in the heart of the Windy City (where I currently live).  The festival is a 4-day extravaganza of top artists.  I'm only going to attend one day since I've been so many times before. I'm planning on preserving my energy for the many parties surrounding the event. For example: last year Four Loko threw an amazing pre-game party with Party Favor and Gucci Mane. Can't wait to see what's in store for this year! 

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Lolla 2016

Lolla 2016


Elements Music Festival (NYC - Aug. 11)

Vogue.com described this festival as "Burning Man meets the Bronx". Taking place in an industrial park near a waterfront overlooking over NYC, this event impressed me so much last year.  I was constantly discovering new things to see, almost like an experiential odyssey. They had secret stages and rooms to explore alongside amazing performances. Can't wait to see what else they come up with this year!

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Here are some photos from 2017

Let me know which festivals you will be attending this summer in the comments below!