Weekly WHOA's vol.7 🔥


I know it’s been while since I’ve made a playlist but my trip to Europe and Tomorrowland brought me back to music and the memories tied to it. The following songs are some that I discovered and fell in love with on my summer journey.

This list features tracks by the following artists:

  • Alesso - He’s one of my fave DJ’s can you tell? Some of these tracks are old but I totally didn’t realize how much I loved Progresso until I saw him at mainstage Tomorrowland. Wait until the lyrics roll in on at 2:25

  • Wuki - this remix of Myley Cyrus’ Mother’s Daughter is dope! I love the dirty trap feels.

  • Kris Kross Amsterdam - OMG I discovered these guys randomly at the Youphoria stage, I was drawn in by their set that featured old skool hip hop, trap, and latin beats

  • DJ Snake - he’ll always make my list. His new song with Sean Paul and my new fave Anitta is really Fuego 🔥

  • Anitta - She’s featured on a number of songs that I adore (like DJ Snake). Keep an eye out for her!

Have a track you want me to listen to? Comment below and maybe I'll feature it on the next list!