Things I learned after my first UFC Fight Night...

On November 4, 2017, I attended UFC 217 at Madison Square Garden. This was my first ever UFC fight night experience and it was simply amazing!  Check out a short video of my experience here

I never thought I would attend an event like this but my job has allowed me to be a part of some awesome things. Here are a few things I learned...


1) DRESS CODE is more casual than what you would wear to a Boxing match. In Boxing, you tend to see more celebrities dressed to the nines.  I was actually relieved because I rarely get all dolled up...I felt more comfortable here.

2) EVEN THE "UNDEFEATED" GET DEFEATED. UFC 217 was one the best fight cards in years where the underdogs took reign of the belt! Three new Champions in one night. It was absolutely amazing to see unfold.

4) ALL MY SINGLE LADIES! If you're a single female, this is where you need to have girl's night! I walked into the arena by myself and you would've thought I was BeyoncĂŠ or something (HA! I wish) Men were staring left and right because you simply don't see a ton of women at these events.

5) SILENCE THE HATERS. I went to the event to represent my agency and cheer on my client, TJ Dillashaw. Majority of fans were rooting for Cody Garbrandt. Yet, I was screaming at the top of my lungs cheering on TJ Dillashaw while everyone laughed. There was even a point when the crowd started yelling out "F*ck you TJ". Whoa! It's one thing to cheer on your opponent. It's another to disrespect the other fighter.  They shut up really quickly when he took down Cody with a kick then soon after knocked him out.

I'm happy that TJ could block out the negative vibes stay focused through it all.  This reminds me that I need to meditate more!


The outcome of all these fights were the same. The opponent who stayed focused and didn't play into the theatrics of the event won. There was a lot of sh*t talking from the undefeated champs.  Joanna Jedrzejczyk (undefeated 14-0) got right into Rose Namajunas' face before the fight and whispered something mean to her. Meanwhile, Rose was repeating a biblical verse over and over to herself...Guess who won?  Rose knocked out Joanna in the first round! Holy shhhhh! 

There was a point when Cody Garbrandt actually stopped and danced when TJ tried to kick him and missed...a few moments later TJ ended up landing a head kick and then soon after knocked him out! 

Congratulations to TJ and all the UFC champs! Thanks for teaching me a few things 🙌