Things I learned while being in Nike Air Society


One year ago, I walked into a lovely house taken over by Nike Air Society.  That weekend was filled with work outs, glam sessions, and empowering panel discussions led by inspirational women in Chicago. I told myself that one day, I will be in Nike Air Society. Little did I know that it would manifest…


 Earlier this summer, I was asked to join a group of 20 badass women to take on a 5-week journey to being festival fit.  Each week was a different theme in which we would grow and learn. Some weeks we were challenged both physically and mentally. 

I can’t truly explain the gratitude I have for being a part of Nike Air Society. I would like to share some of the key things I learned while on my journey:

Female is the definition of a hustler -  We all come from different backgrounds (fitness trainers, photographers, artists, entrepreneurs, bloggers) but a unique identifier was that we are all boss babes. We understand the grind and hustle, together we have the power to do great things.

Mental health is just as important as physical – A lot of times we are so focused on the day to day, we forget to check in on ourselves.  Self-care is extremely important to avoid burn out when you are constantly striving for success. 

Who’s counting? -  Whether you have over 100,000 or 100 followers, it doesn’t matter! Those numbers don’t affect your ability to make an impact.  Some of the most amazing successful women in Air Society didn’t have huge following counts but were dope AF. Talent is talent! It made me realize that the race to grow my account isn’t as important as creating a life that I am proud of.  

Get an inside look into my Nike Air Society journey. Below are links for your reference:

 A special shout-out to the team at Nike Chicago for all the amazing experiences! I am forever grateful.