Inside look: Nike Air Society - Week 3

Run & Recover

20180615 - festival fit edge athlete loung photo selects - 20.jpg

Week 3 of Nike Air Society was all about running & recovery. Coach Robyn of Edge Athlete Lounge taught us the proper running techniques and explained the importance of recovery when training.

Muscles need to rest for better healing and better growth. Typically the pain that is felt by people who has just started out exercising in the gym is the damage to the muscles itself. Allowing appropriate intervals for the succeeding workout routine will give your muscle to recover efficiently and take on the next exercises in proper form and execution. Muscle recovery should be permitted in order to gain proper muscle development.

At the end of our workout, we were able to try various recovery services, such as compression boots and water therapy.

Here’s a video of my reaction to my first ever ice bath!

20180615 - festival fit edge athlete loung photo selects - 21.jpg

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 made our run really smooth and I was surprised that I wasn’t struggling as much as I do when I run. Below is a link in case you want to try them out!