Tips for surviving Ultra Music Festival!


All hail yes...Festival season is upon us!  Ultra Music Festival is in a few days (March 24-26 in Bayfront Park). I figured I would share my experience to help anyone who is lucky enough to attend this amazing festival. 150,000+ people descend on Miami for this event!  If you are a lover of Electric Dance Music (EDM), then Ultra Miami and Electric Daisy Carvinal (EDC) Vegas should be on your bucket list to attend at least once in your life. Keep in mind, I attended Ultra 2013. A lot may have changed but usually for the better, such as logistics and stage productions. Ultra Miami takes place during Miami Music Week, so there are tons of events going on outside of the festival from pool parties to after parties. So take that into account, your body and mind can only take so much... So, use your energy wisely. You will make memories that will last a lifetime with new found friends that enhance your experience. For example, I made a lasting friendship with my friend Jessica who at that time I met there in Miami and we realized we lived down the street from each other in Ohio! We're actually reuniting this year to go to Tomorrowland! I also still remember seeing Swedish House Mafia perform for the last time and dancing to Knife Party's set at Main Stage. I still listen to it on Soundcloud to this day. 

Tips for surviving the weekend.

Proximity is everything: I booked a hotel directly across the street from the festival. So, I didn't have to worry about awful traffic and overpriced parking. Plus, I just literally rolled out of bed and into the heart of the party.  If you don't have that luxury, I suggest leaving the festival a little earlier to avoid the traffic.

Squad goals: The festival gets packed and overwhelming...some might even get anxiety.  I had a crew the was rather large from all over the map. Cell service isn't reliable, so we made sure to activate the "Find My Friends" app on our iPhone in case we got lost. We also staked a spot under a specific tree at Main Stage to meet at in case we got lost. There was always at least 5 people at that tree during the day.  But make sure you have at least one person with you at all times.

Dress for the occassion. It will be HOT! You'll be in Miami for goodness sake! So, make sure to wear sunscreen and light clothing or lack of clothing is totally ok. I spent my whole weekend in shorts and a bikini top. Comfortable shoes are essential! Don't you dare wear heels.

Sunglasses are definitely a must. Diffraction glasses also enhance your experience. Trust me.  My fave can be found HERE.


Take note of what items are allowed and not allowed into the event. Some prohibited items are obvious (no weapons, no illegal drugs, etc.) but some are less obvious. For example, event organizers do not allow normal backpacks that are not made of clear material (plastic, PVC, mesh). No worries! Amazon has bags from $10-$30 found HERE. You won’t be able to re-enter the event. So, bring everything you need to the event.

A full list of prohibited items,  can be found HERE

Hydrate!!!! It will be very hot and you will dancing up a storm. So, don't forget to hydrate! Free water is available at multiple water stations at and during the festival. The water stations will fill your hydration pack . It’s that simple.

Pace yourself. Many attendees think they will have energy to dance all day at the event and go to after parties each night. Only a tiny percentage of people do this. Don’t leave yourself too tired to enjoy the event on the second and third days. Respect your body.

Potty tips. The bathrooms at the event are outdoor port-o-potties. By the end of the weekend some of them can get very… overused. Bring wipes & sanitizer.

Have fun and let it all go! Keep in mind, the event takes place during Spring Break and is 18 and over.   There was point in time when I looked over and a young girl with braces was raging next to me. I felt so old but then said, "F' it! I don't care!" I was there to have fun and not worry about what's around me.You will meet so many different people from different walks of life and it will all be because of music.