Cool (hair) for the Summer ☀️


I've always had long dark hair my whole life.  I used my long hair as a security blanket and felt like it's what made me beautiful.  When I was a child, my mother gave me an awful bowl haircut and I looking like a little Asian boy. I've always had a fear of cutting my hair too short because it was my safety net. 

This year was all about changes for me. So, in Spring I decided to make the leap and chop my hair off and donate it to Locks of Love. I went with a lob and did a gradual lightening over the months (this will save your hair from damage instead of a one-time deep bleaching).  This past month, my hair stylist bleached the ends even more, and added peach 🍑 tint to it with Uberliss products! It was such a new change for me, but I loved how edgy it made me feel.  

For Summer, my most recent cut is probably the shortest my hair has ever been (other than that infamous bowl cut my mother gave me 😂). To my surprise, I absolutely love it. It's crazy how much more lighter I feel, not only because of the length of my hair but it subconsciously reflects my attitude on life. I'm all about risk and change.  The next month, I will make an even more drastic change to my hair...stay tuned!

Scroll through to see the transformation!